Alternative with Advantages


With the Underbold® wax emulsions we offer alternatives for ground stabilisation with important advantages regarding economical, ecological and technical aspects. Our products of the Underbold® group uniquely combine the desired properties for the creation of an affordable, long lasting, resilient and high-grade pavement foundation.


Ground Stabilisation Without Ground Replacement


With our patented products of the Underbold® group international construction companies build the substructure of surfaces, roads, airports and other traffic way without carrying out a cost intensive ground replacement.


Higher Pressure Resistance


Through this innovative construction process a higher pressure resistance is obtained than would be by conventional construction methods. This is necessary with high compressive loads and effectively prevents rutting in the surfaces.


Connectable and Water-Repellent


Underbold® greatly increases the connectivity of the soil and is highly water-repellent. By making the soil or rock hydrophobic by applying Underbold® products, an almost water-resistant end product is generated and thus a significantly longer life span of the construction is achieved.


Product-Related Environmental Protection


Infrastructural projects have significant effects on the natural environment – on soil, air and ground water. We were aware of this when creating the wax emulsion. The wax emulsions, developed and produced in Germany, are purely biological and fully degradable.

Underbold® contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and prevents necessary „depletion“ by the removal of natural rock. The logistical effort is drastically reduced since no rock, sand or other materials are needed for ground exchange and no excavation materials are produced.


Applicable With Different Soil Types


Our Underbold® products are applicable with almost all soil types. The soil conditions are extensively analysed by our experts before the commencement of construction. After professional know-how-transfer, the application can be carried out without difficulty by local companies with conventional construction equipment and machines.


Underbold® Products


Our zest for innovation creates the basic building block for our competitiveness. We keep developing more and more innovative and efficient products in order to offer our clients significant advantages in cost and quality compared to conventional methods and technologies. Our approach: MORE from LESS – achieving more by using less resources like time, man or machine hours.


Application Areas:


The application of our Underbold® products is suitable for all surfaces that are exposed to compressive loads and climatic challenges.

Motorways, Airstrips, Urban Roads, Rural and Ordinary Roads, Forest Roads, Field Roads, Agricultural and Dirt Roads, Bike Paths, Industrial Areas, Parking Areas, Playgrounds