International Trading


It is our strength to realistically assess chances and risks of international business, since we can rely on high levels of experience. In a global economic setting we combine technology, know-how and experience as a solid base for successful and sustainable action.

Underbold® realized construction project



1. Germany
2. Hungary
3. Czech Republic
4. Romania
5. Kazakhstan
6. Russia
7. Iran
8. Iraq
9. Bahrain
10. United Arab Emirates
11. Oman
12. Nigeria
13. Ivory Coast
14. Congo
15. Ethiopia
16. Ghana
17. Chad
18. South Sudan
19. India
20. Paraguay



Underbold® References – Our arguments are satisfied clients. Discover an excerpt from our reference database. Learn more by clicking on the respective project.
If desired we will furnish you with the entire listing of construction projects carried out with Underbold®.