Saving Cost Through Innovation


The goal of our developers was to create an long-term solution for high-quality ground stabilisation with a measurably lower input of resources like time, money and materials. This goal was reached with the development of Underbold®. This is noticeable in the reduction of construction time, minimised effort and savings in material, personnel and machine costs – compared to conventional construction methods.


„Lost time is never recovered“


In every construction project time is an essential factor. With our products of the Underbold® group we attain significant time savings for our clients. Our wax emulsions are quickly applied and bond the treated cubical within a few hours. The treated area is completely loadable within a few days.  


Economic Advantages

  • Cost reduction through - up to 5 times - faster construction time for the foundation
  • Elimination of layers without bonding agent
  • Reduction of cement amounts for the requirements to load baring capacities
  • Extended durability of the foundation - permanently no restoration works necessary
  • Savings through reduction or prevention of excavated ground materials
  • Elimination of disposal costs

Technical Advantages

  • Increase in load bearing capabilities
  • Increase of stiffness modulus
  • No setting of grooves or relaxing necessary
  • Reduction of the setting period outside the application period
  • Reduction of micro pores and capillary effect
  • Reduction of shrinking tendency and thus practically free of crack formation
  • Completely frost-resistant

Advantages for Our Environment

  • Saves resources for the production of raw materials and the disposal of dangerous goods
  • Reduction or elimination of excavation materials
  • Reduction of CO2 emission through minimal transport needs for excavation materials and filling materials
  • Durability prevents early restoration works

Construction With Underbold®


For the application of Underbold® products only conventional construction machines are needed. We accompany our clients worldwide and communicate the know-how for the correct application of the biological wax emulsions.




Soil examples are taken in order to determine the weight, humidity and composition of the soil. Based on this data the right wax emulsion is identified and the exact Underbold® mixture ration and proportions are set.

Only with soils covered by organic growth the top layer is stripped of about 5-15 cm in order to eliminate all organic materials like e.g. roots or similar. If roads are modernised or new roads built on dirt roads, no preparation is necessary.


Step 1/5: Mixing-In

The wax emulsion is evenly mixed into the natural soil with the help of a milling machine. Through this professional treatment an even, homogenous mixture of Roadanic® and the natural substances of the soil is created.



Step 2/5: Pre-Compacting

Via a roller compactor the loosened soil is brought back to its original level an slightly pre-compacted so the subsequent construction machine do not sink in and an even treatment in the necessary depth can take place.



Step 3/5: Spreading of the Bonding Agent

The bonding agent (e.g. common Portland cement or lime) is distributed in the right proportions via spreading vehicles.



Step 4/5: Mixing-In of the Bonding Layer

The bonding agent is evenly mixed into the soil via a milling machine.



Step 5/5: Final Compaction

Now all the necessary components for the stabilisation of the ground have been worked into the soil. With a roller compactor the surface is now compacted so an optimal compaction is reached and our Roadanic® products can perfectly take effect.